Resources for Re-entering the Workforce

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Career and Leadership Coach Nichole Harrop discusses ways you can tap into the various resources available to women returning from a career hiatus.

Our speakers know what’s frustrating you, what’s on your mind, and what’s motivating you– because they’ve been there. And they’ve become experts in the process. At Aspire Her, we really are all in good company.

While working to help other women climb the corporate ladder in her position of leadership in the corporate world, Nichole realized her passion was helping women reach their potential. She now works from home coaching women to create a foundation in the workplace using 5 core areas to aid them on their way to getting promoted.

Head over to out YouTube channel to learn from more speakers and cultivate more resources!

Ready to learn more ways to land the job you want? Hoping to figure out how to re-enter the workforce or pivot your career?

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