Erin Weist Aspire Her Founder

Welcome! I’m Erin the founder of Aspire Her, and here is my story.

I was a stay-at-home mom with 5 kids. I had homeschooled them for about 10 years and my kids started going to school. I found myself wondering what the next phase of my life would be. And I realized I wasn’t alone.

There were so many women looking for help, wanting an outlet for their drive & ambition; wondering how to start a business, advance their career, or start their career. And no one to help.

I had zero network. I had zero experience in business. I had zero idea what I was doing. But I had an idea, a boatload of determination and an intense drive to make something happen.

So I Leaned In (thanks Sheryl Sandberg!). June 2019 I registered Aspire Her® (and applied for a trademark, which we now have!) and got to work. I connected with everyone I could on LinkedIn– people from old neighborhoods, from high school, everywhere. I researched who were inspiring women in Utah and started calling ALL of them to see if they wanted to be involved.

And they did! Overwhelmingly so. I said I was putting on a conference and they jumped in with both feet. I had people volunteering almost everywhere I went and I wanted to weep with gratitude.  EVERYONE leaned in.

Then we had a pandemic and held our conference online, which is another story for another day.

But you LOVED it. You needed it and it helped you and I was thrilled.

Now registration is open for our 2nd conference. We are adding speakers every day and it’s going to be just as awesome as the first one. And I’ve had a crash course in business and it’s been a crazy, thrilling, overwhelming, fantastic rollercoaster.

I love this new purpose I’ve found. I love running this conference. And mostly I love the people I’ve met. They astound me every day. I hope to meet you some day soon.

Come meet me at Aspire Her!

Join other driven, ambitious women as gather to learn, connect, and network-- all to help you aspire!

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