Food or Beverage Sampling Policy 

 Before purchasing a booth or obtaining permits you must receive signed approval to distribute any food in the facility.    


  1. The product to be distributed must be the primary business of the exhibitor. 
  2. Alcohol in any size or form is not allowed for distribution. 
  3. Use of cooking equipment must have prior approval from the facility & fire department. IF APPLICABLE, the exhibitor must obtain a Temporary Food Permit from the Salt Lake Valley Health Department.  SLVHD is located at 788 E. Wood Oak Lane Murray, Utah; 385-468-3845.  
  4. The Health Department’s main concern with sampling is bare hand contact by workers and customers. When portioning samples on site, gloves are not enough; a hand washing station is required. Please call the SLVHD with any questions. 
  5. Food and beverage items used as traffic promoters MUST be purchased from Utah Food Services catering department 801-531-0226. 
  6. Items considered not readily consumable onsite (jams, sauces, salsas) can be sampled and sold, but must receive written approval. 
  7. Fundraising and/or charity groups will not be allowed to sell food inside or outside the building.

Please contact us (contact@aspireher.com) with any questions or to approve consumable samples.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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